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My first Team Rubicon Service Project – 2015.12.06

I arrived early in Sea Bright on the 12th of December to participate in my first Team Rubicon service project.  Didn’t really know what to expect.  Found a bunch of folks hanging by their cars seemingly waiting for someone in charge to show-up.  Quick introductions – everyone was friendly.  We made our way to the main building and eventually everyone assembled and Todd introduced us to the local volunteers we were supporting.

I was immediately impressed with the caliber of folks in TR.  No egos, ready to get down and dirty, and no show-offs.  My type of folks.  It started raining pretty early and continued throughout the day – coming down really hard at some point.  It became obvious it was no simple project and we got the main platform done by days-end.  Loved it.  Wanted to do more.

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