And two become one

The joining of the empennage to the fuselage. A milestone moment!

April 2, 2022

A really big day. The empennage had sat against a wall for nearly 3 years while worked continued on the wings then fuselage. But on this day, it was dusted off and attached to the beginnings of the fuselage. My father came to help which was really great and it all came together with some fuss, but with good results. Watch the glory of the union below:

Before doing the join, I decided to fabricate antenna doublers for the top of the tail that will house the GPS and SiriusXM antennas.

Once completed, all the holes were clecoed, but the work to rivet the two halves spanned over sporadic works sessions through early July. Anna was my primary partner in that riveting as most of the tasks required two people. She did amazing work! I tried to back rivet as much as possible to limit any dings to the skins. In between those work sessions, I started to work through future sections in parallel.

I also had a common companion who provided original art work to spruce up the workshop 🙂

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