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Flaps – What a lift

Finally. Not working on fuel tanks. It’s a breath of fresh air to be building new components – the flaps. They came together pretty quickly while still incorporating new elements and building techniques. I started in mid-January 2021 about four weeks later.

The long journey of building the fuel tanks

The Fuel tanks are typically the most dreaded part of the build because of the need to mix fuel sealant and properly apply and rivet the mating parts to ensure no leaks. For me, it was the longest section of the build so far at 130 total hours that spanned from April – December 2020. These are my “Quarantine Tanks”…

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Leading the Edge

After completing the wing top skins in early February 2020, it was time to move onto Section 17 – the outboard leading edges. Also known as “the front of the wing”. The pieces will only end up being half of the forward wings, as the other half will look nearly the same, but will be the fuel tanks. Those will…

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Skin on!

Posting this on the strangest of Easters in memory – Quarantine 2020. I hope anyone reading this is staying safe and doing well. All this seems silly in light of what our society is facing. I write this to uncouple a bit from what is happening around us and keep the girls engaged on the build to help with their…

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Wing beginnings

This post catalogs the journey of the Wings being delivered in Spring of 2019, and then the first three sections of assembly that began in July and continued through end-November 2019. It also acts as a diversion as we find ourselves huddled as a society in our homes during a tough time for all. Freight delivery arrives via a very…

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The long tail

It has been awhile since an update, but steady and slow progress continues. The empennage, or tail, of the plane has quite a few parts and some complexity in assembly. This coupled with other commitments has extended the build time. For the first time I found myself unable to rivet certain assemblies solo. However, I’m getting great riveting assistance from…

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Elevators Completed!

Well it took a little longer than expected (about 4 months and 95 hours), but I am pretty happy with the results. The elevators were a jump up in the number of parts, assembly complexity, and a number of firsts. For example, I had to work with Pro-Seal Tank Sealant to install foam ribs in the trailing edges. The Pro-seal…

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Elevators, Part 1

Well, it’s been a steady, but slow few months since finishing the horizontal stabilizer in early September.  Lot’s going on (all good!) and so I’ve been eking out hours to work through a component that is certainly more complex than those previous.  A common theme of the build so far. I’ve begun working on the Elevator, which will attach to…

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Horizontal Stabilizer Completed

It took about 7 weeks and 70 hours to finish the Horizontal Stabilizer. Van’s (the kit manufacturer) is quiet clever in ensuring the builder develops the skills needed to tackle more complex sub assemblies as the work progresses.  But as the complexity and parts count goes up, so does the time needed to finish each part.  This is the third…

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