Stop and Go

Installing the brake and fuel systems

This was a fun section because systems are getting installed into the plane. I started with the fuel system, but there’s not much to see because it involved running pre-made fuel lines from Aircraft Specialty hoses, to the fuel valve then the Airflow Performance fuel pump. Both the fuel lines, fuel valves, and the fuel pump are upgrades from standard plans, but well attested to by other builders who have been down this road before me.

I then installed the brake system, that is a drop-in upgrade from Beringer. Super high quality and Van’s is using thier same products in the just announced RV-15 high wing plane. I also had the rudder/brake pedals powder coated locally for a durable, long-term finish and they came out fantastic. The brake system I went with from Beringer includes a parking brake valve, which I’ve found extremely valuable at times in the planes I’ve flown. I also went with an anti-skid regulator to prevent wheel locking by limiting the maximum pressure in the system. The device regulates the pressure between the left and right side, allowing a differential of around 14.5 psi once the maximal pressure is reached. Lot’s of company from Josephine and her art collection is growing 🙂

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