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All volunteers and staff from the 2015 Team Rubicon NYC Fundraiser

Team Rubicon 2015 Salute to Service Awards

Was honored to help volunteer at the TR National Fundraiser.  We setup in the Federal Armory downtown NYC and staged a Command Center within so attendees could get a sense of what’s involved when deploying to a disaster.  It was run by Headquarters staff supplemented with leaders and volunteers from Region II. All the pictures were taken by TR staff/leadership…

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Region II Chainsaw Operator Training

Region II planned and hosted a Chainsaw Operator training in April that was just fantastic.  Even though I’ve gotten chainsaw training from during my time in the Fire Service, those experiences were primarily focused on opening roofs for even operations.  After Hurricane Sandy I got a lot of hands-on experience working through the many, many downed trees on our property…but without ‘real’ training.  Youtube does have a great deal on the topic, but nothing like learning from experts in person.

Our instructors, Alan and John, came down from Region I and were top notch.  Some of the best field training I’ve ever received.  The group was attentive, safety focused, and fun to be around.  Below are just some of the pictures that Region II posted.  Again, these are not my photos and are part of this public album


My first Team Rubicon Service Project – 2015.12.06

I arrived early in Sea Bright on the 12th of December to participate in my first Team Rubicon service project.  Didn’t really know what to expect.  Found a bunch of folks hanging by their cars seemingly waiting for someone in charge to show-up.  Quick introductions – everyone was friendly.  We made our way to the main building and eventually everyone assembled and Todd introduced us to the local volunteers we were supporting.

I was immediately impressed with the caliber of folks in TR.  No egos, ready to get down and dirty, and no show-offs.  My type of folks.  It started raining pretty early and continued throughout the day – coming down really hard at some point.  It became obvious it was no simple project and we got the main platform done by days-end.  Loved it.  Wanted to do more.

TR Region 2 posted this summary on Facebook

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