The Airplane Factory is ready

Shop is finally ready to become an airplane factory.  Built a few EAA 1000 workbenches using solid doors that had cosmetic damage to keep a very flat top.  The doors were bought when building the barn and the manufacturer sent new ones because they got beat-up during shipping. I held onto them thinking I could used them as a bench top someday….

Center and Right

I took a large bench I built a decade ago and built a cabinet underneath with drawers my father held onto that were unneeded from a kitchen job years ago to hold tools for the build.  On the other side, I installed trays to hold all the various hardware (rivets, nuts, bolts, washers, etc) that will be used throughout.

Built another smaller table, to insert and unused cast-iron wing from my table saw that I had to remove when installing a long extension table.  It’s flush with the top so I can use it as a massive back-riveting plate.  Though I may raise it and install carpet around to keep any aluminum from getting scratched during that process.

Got lucky with some Granite countertops that were off to the landfill during a demo job my father was doing that I used for some counter space and tabletops that create really flat tops that are helpful when building airplane parts.

Years ago my father’s cousin (technically my 3rd cousin) gave me some 8′ long steel racks.  Was never sure what use I could have for them, but I set them up for inventory of the kit parts and it worked out really perfectly.  

Taylor overseeing shop

Finally, I reconfigured the tools to keep bring most of what I’ll need for the build (bandsaw, flat tables, rolling carts, etc) to the front of the workshop.  

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