Dry wells and Drywall

After some winter delay, work on installing the dry wells was able to re-start and complete. The whole purpose of these monster concrete tanks are to collect and disperse rainwater collected from the gutters. Being that the building is in the middle of the woods with no neighbors within seeing distance, the requirement is quite ridiculous. But being a good citizen sometimes means knowing when to fight and knowing when that fight will cost you more in the long run making compliance cheaper and faster. So in this case, I just did it.

The prep was extensive. A pit, approximately 12′ wide by 20′ long and 6′ deep was dug. Stone was set in the bottom, then began the arduous task of bringing the dry wells up to the pit, followed by connecting the pipes and installing the lids. The two tanks are connected together and all gutters tie into drain pipes feeding the primary. They are surrounded by gravel and there are manhole covers to access them if required (hopefully never).

I was able to catch some video of Scott bringing up the tanks

Drywalls being carried up the driveway

After installation, the soil was regraded to keep the water away from the building and ready it for seeding

Who knows when human eyes will ever see those tanks again…


Drywall for the first floor ceiling and entire second floor went up in one day with quite a bit of leftover material. No cutting these up into contractor bags, I see an imminent call for a dumpster in my future.

Sparkling will be done shortly, then on to painting upstairs.

Still so much work to do…

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