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And then there was heat

After a lot of research, I settled upon a heating system that leverages a hot water heater to circulate heated water through plastic pipes that I laid within the slab.  It’s highly efficient and creates a gentle, even heat throughout the space.  For the second floor, i added a second zone with slightly cooler water to be compatible with the…

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Dry wells and Drywall

After some winter delay, work on installing the dry wells was able to re-start and complete. The whole purpose of these monster concrete tanks are to collect and disperse rainwater collected from the gutters. Being that the building is in the middle of the woods with no neighbors within seeing distance, the requirement is quite ridiculous. But being a good citizen…

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Footings excavated

Construction Begins – November 2014

Construction of the foundation completed in November.   Before pouring the slab, I ran all the 5/8″ PEX lines that will be used to heat the first floor through hot water.   Here you can see the manifold.  It is pressurized so I can tell if any leaks occur during the pouring of the slab   The slab required 20…

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Excavation Begins – October 2014

After a summer of planning and working with the town on permits, excavation began in October.  After clearing of a few trees, the footings were dug.  I was pleased with how little disturbance was required.   Here you can see a run of rebar – these are very long, 20+ feet.   Instead of using ground rods, I went with…

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