Horizontal Stabilizer Completed

It took about 7 weeks and 70 hours to finish the Horizontal Stabilizer. Van’s (the kit manufacturer) is quiet clever in ensuring the builder develops the skills needed to tackle more complex sub assemblies as the work progresses.  But as the complexity and parts count goes up, so does the time needed to finish each part.  This is the third sub assembly and here is the summary of time it took to finish each:

  • Vertical Stabilizer: 23.5 hours
  • Rudder: 47.5 hours
  • Horizontal Stabilizer: 69.5 hours

I doubt every section is necessarily more complex than the previous, but it will hold true for the next sub assembly – the elevators.

Horizontal Stabilizer in a stand, getting ready to rivet the skin to the front spar




In riveting one of the ribs to the skin, I erred and created a dimple with the rivet gun. 🙁


More cleco art by Anna and Grace




All completed, for now! Later fiberglass tips will be added.






After setting these bolts to the inboard hinge brackets, torque seal is applied so that in the future they can be inspected to determine if they have loosened.

Torque seal applied


The front of the bolts holding the inboard hinge braket


All done and hanging for storage



The supercut:


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