Rudder half-complete

Well, I may be more than half-way done with the rudder.  Won’t know until it’s all finished.  But the grunt work of separating, deburring, assembling, drilling, dimpling, and riveting the core pieces are all complete.  It has been about 29 hours so far and it’s been a fulfilling process interrupted by moments of extreme frustration.  I’m reaching out to an EAA Tech Counselor to look over my work before closing up the rudder skins.  It’s definitely not perfect, but safe and now is a good time to get experienced eyes on it.


Anna helping with the spar assembly


All parts clecoed together so holes can be match drilled where necessary


Match drilled leading edge wedge


Skin with stiffeners back riveted


Stiffeners riveted to left skin



Stiffeners and shear clips riveted to right skin


A stiffener that is not perfectly flat. I’ll discuss with the Technical counselor.

This project continues to be a lesson in humility and patience.  

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